Lee Labrada,60歳でも素晴らしい身体を披露!

Lee Lablada 60歳 肉体

Lee Labradaはボディビルダーのレジェンドの一人であり,近頃,大活躍しているHunter Labladaの父親にあたります.そんな彼が,SNS上で投稿した動画が評判になっています.

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60歳を超えたLee Labradaの現在

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So I have fans and friends ask me, “Lee, what kind of shape are you in these days?” I couldn’t resist. Not bad for 60 years old right? Makes the case for muscle maturity. I’ve been training with weight religiously since I was 16 years old. I still train with weights almost every day, and on days that I don’t, I do cardio. I also eat a clean diet, but it’s not restricted calorically. Which means I’m never hungry. I eat as much as I want of clean foods: lots of fish, chicken and dairy, lots of fruits and vegetables, rice, yams and oatmeal, and I try to stick with whole foods. When I’m in a hurry and can’t sit down to eat, I drink my Lean Body shakes with 40g of protein and zero sugar. Nothing too fancy, just good nutrition. Consistency is the key. I follow this program pretty much every day. Share this with a friend that can benefit from it. If you want my 12 week lean body program, you can get it free on leanbody.com. Blessings to you all! Lee #bodybuilding #leelabrada #labrada

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びっくりすることに,インスタグラムの投稿にある通り,これで別に食事制限をしているわけではなく,確かにクリーンな食事 ( = ジャンクフードなどの油分が多い食品を食べないこと)を心がけているようですが,それでもすごいですよね.



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Lee Labradaは,プロポーションが非常に優れた選手であり,サイズで勝負するような選手ではないため,やはり,身体のシルエットが非常に美しいですね.



60歳になるLee Labradaの身体は,一般的な60歳のそれとはやはり全く異なりますね.